Socialist Bulletin June 2022

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Labour Party and the Left

By Femi Falana. Since the days of the struggles against colonialism workers and their leaders have always been interested in the question of political power. Generations of the broad left have nursed the consciousness that the problems in the political economy, as they affect the working people, cannot be fundamentally solved if workers are indifferent to the fundamental question: who “authoritatively” allocates resources and in whose interest?  Who defines what is development?

Violent government crackdowns increase insecurity across Nigeria, new report shows

By Yung Alhaji Introduction On April 13, a group of armed assailants reportedly raided the College...

Northwest Nigeria’s Bandit Problem: Explaining the conflict drivers (2022) – a review of the...

by Alex Batubo Insecurity is a major problem that we all face, from theft, burglary to kidnapping and banditry. ...


ACADEMIC STAFF UNION OF UNIVERSITIES (ASUU)  BAUCHI ZONE  ASUU-Bauchi-Zone-Bauchi-October-2021-Summit-FinalDownload

Prof. Yusufu Zoaka paper presentation at the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) “Workers Political Conference”,...

The following paper was recently presented, in early March 2022, at the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) “Workers Political Conference” by Professor Yusufu Ali Zoaka, the Lead Paper Presenter. As an academic and trade unionist, Prof Zoaka identifies the first of the main impediments against political engagement by trade emancipation as unity among the labour forces, the numerous socialist groups and civil society groups. He concludes by calling on the working people to close ranks under the leadership of the NLC to lead all into a more prosperous society that should promote equity, justice and fair play for all.

Prof. Omotoye Olorode paper presentation at TUCN Roundtable discussion, March 2022

The following paper was recently presented at the Trade Union Congress Political Round Table by Prof Toye Olorode as the Lead Discussant. As a seasoned trade union activist, Olorode is in an excellent position to review the relationship between trade unions and their support for political parties and elections. He concludes: "The task of Nigeria’s working people, clearly, is to organise and take that political power from the ruling class: by all means necessary!"


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Lessons of the Last ASUU Strike – organise for solidarity to win

Socialist Labour lends its full solidarity and support for this strike. We also call on all trade union branches and trade unionists to give their full support and solidarity for this strike

Armies Represent the Armed Might of the Ruling Class

There is a widespread myth that the role of armies is to protect the nation (the people). In fact, the historic role of armies is to protect the ruling class from the people and any competitive rulers in the neighbourhood.