About Us

We are socialists

The economic, environmental and climate crises have made clear that capitalism is a conflict between two main classes: the vast majority of people who create the wealth, and a tiny minority who profit from it. Attempts to reform capitalism have failed: the only solution is to replace it with a truly democratic socialist society. Capitalist rulers will only give up power if forced to do so. We need a mass democratic movement to bring about socialism. Events, such as the Russian Revolution of 1917, January 2012 in Nigeria and the uprisings in Sudan and Algeria in recent years, begin to show what is possible

The organised working class is the central force for change

We believe that the organised working class (rank and file members of the NLC/TUC trade unions) is the central force that can fight capitalism and build socialism. As Marx said, “the emancipation of the working class must be the act of the working class itself”, so we do not believe that countries like China or the former USSR (since the mid 1920s) were socialist. We need the organised working class to lead the struggle for socialism, supported by the wider popular classes, the informal sector and market women.

We fight all forms of oppression

Capitalist society rests on exploitation and economic injustice, but also generates oppression, including sexism, racism and ethnic chauvinism. We are committed to fighting for the full social and economic equality of women and building a movement where the unity of the working peoples and the fight against any form of oppression is at the centre of the struggle for socialism.

We are internationalists, not nationalists

Capitalism seeks to divide us along lines of race, ethnicity, nationality and religion. We reject such divisions: we stand in solidarity with working people worldwide. We oppose imperialist wars and interference. We want a fairer world not just to develop the Nigerian economy. Issues like the environmental crisis and Covid-19 can only be addressed by pooling resources on a world scale.

A living and changing tradition

We draw on the tradition of past socialists like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg. And also Nigerian socialists like Ola Oni, Eskor Toyo, Eddy Madunagu and many others. But the world is constantly changing. We need to discuss how those ideas should be reinterpreted and developed for the twenty-first century.

Space for discussion and action

We aim to create space where ideas are discussed and acted on. We reject any sectarianism, or any claim that a small number of activists can substitute for a larger movement. We use the opportunities provided by social media to organise better. We want to create a group with a lively and democratic internal culture. We want to discover, use and develop every member’s skills. We aim to be accessible to people new to socialist ideas.

Working with others and learning from them

We encourage our members to work in popular campaigns (like ASCAB and TPAP-M) and, where possible, to organise joint activities with other left groups. We learn from mass protests and other writers and activists. We don’t have all the answers. We expect all our members to be active in their trade unions and to actively support struggles of unions and other organisations of the oppressed strata of society in support of demands including the following and, for example, the NLC Charter of Workers Demands:

• payment of a decent minimum wage with annual increments at least as high as inflation

• payment of all salary and pension area in states and payment of proper palliatives

• reversal of tuition fee hikes and the introduction of a maximum affordable fee level

• payment of all with-held salaries to ASUU and other education unions for 2022 strike

• reversal of the hikes in petrol prices

• removal of the collection of levies, fees, dues and tolls from petty traders.

We welcome everyone who hates capitalism and oppression

Everyone who agrees with our basic principles above is welcome to join Socialist Labour. We are more interested in men and women campaigning and discussing ideas than just joining us. In order to reach wider layers of society with our ideas, we will collaborate with other socialists in protests, social movements, alliances, campaigns and workplace struggles.

If you agree with these basic ideas then please join our WhatsApp supporters group by sending a message to us through : Email: socialistlabour.ng@gmail.com

We also appeal to our supporters to become full members of Socialist Labour by paying their monthly subscriptions, join our weekly meetings, our monthly public meetings and helping to build the organisation. Our only source of funds is from the generosity of our members and supporters. We need more money so that we can begin to employ full time organisers and to produce and print more copies of our newspaper.  This will allow us to grow, become more influential and assist the trade unions to become more successful in building a fairer, more equal and peaceful society.

The standard rate of subscriptions is N1,000 a month, with a lower rate of N500 for students, pensioners or unemployed and N5,000 for higher paid comrades.  We can all afford something – every little will help.

Socialist Labour’s bank account is with First Bank Nig. Ltd. Account No. 3158880328

Account Name: Aborisade Albert Femi

The account is only used for Socialist Labour purposes.

More details of the ideas behind Socialist Labour are included below. We encourage all our members and supporters to read widely and discuss these ideas.  We need to try and understand the world to be able to change it.