Does Asking the Government to do More on Security Save Lives? – Alex Batubo

Some people are campaigning for the security forces to do more on security. We are facing increased insecurity, but will demanding more...

Socialist Bulletin December 2022

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Non-payment of University Salaries is an Attack on Us All!!

An attack on one is an attack on us all!

Socialist Bulletin, November 2022

Socialist Bulletin November 2022 is available for downloads

What is Politics?

Politics is therefore the conflict in the struggle in which the haves not only want to keep but to increase what they have while the have-nots want to survive.

Climate Change – fundamental change is essential

Global climate change is already having a detrimental impact on many of the poorer people of Nigeria.

Socialist Labour Bulletin October 2022

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Socialist Bulletin, July 2022

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TPAP-M, 2023, Labour, and actually existing “Labour Party”

The left, with its basically socialist ideology, has been historically and consistently on the side of the labour movement, in its widest sense, in Nigeria since the colonial period.

The Labour Party in New Colour

A Preliminary Response; By Jaye Gaskia