BY BIODUN OLAMOSU In dedication to International Women’s Day.

TPAP-M, 2023, Labour, and actually existing “Labour Party”

The left, with its basically socialist ideology, has been historically and consistently on the side of the labour movement, in its widest sense, in Nigeria since the colonial period.

The Labour Party in New Colour

A Preliminary Response; By Jaye Gaskia

Thomas Sankara – Burkina Faso

A popular coup d’état led by Captain Thomas Sankara made him President of, what was then called Upper Volta on August 4, 1983. He was only 33 years old. Four years later he was assassinated.

Socialist Bulletin April 2023

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NLC Kaduna State Strike, JUSUN, PASAN & ASUP Strikes, Fuel Price Increases and The...

Members and supporters of Socialist Labour were impressed that the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) organised and implemented the general strike in Kaduna State. Socialist Labour commends the courage and sacrifices of the workers of Kaduna State,...

Socialist Bulletin June 2023

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Socialist Labour Bulletin – June 2021

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From Cuba: a description of the protests

Four days after the events and after a thorough analysis, Comunistas reveals its official position on the protests that took place in Cuba last Sunday, 11 July.

Gambo Sawaba (1933-2001)

Gambo found oppression was unbearably revolting; hence she stoutly defended the rights of the weak. She did not accept wealth and shared every kobo of hers with the poor.