Biodun Olamosu, National Secretary, Socialist Labour

Socialist Labour commits its full support and solidarity with the Judiciary and Parliamentary workers of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) and Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN) during their current strike. We call on all our members and supporters to support these strikes and to visit any pickets or protests that are called in support of the strike.

Socialist Labour believes that these strikes are a vital part of the process whereby democracy is entrenched in Nigeria. Full independence of the judiciary and the parliamentary wings of government are essential elements of any democratic country. For too long workers in the judiciary and the parliamentary sectors have suffered from budget cuts and have not received their proper salaries, allowances and promotions.

Socialist Labour calls on the whole labour movement to show their active solidarity with these strikes. At the same time, JUSUN and PASAN have a duty to organise active strikes to encourage solidarity from other workers and so achieve victory in the shortest possible time. Town Hall meetings, protests and pickets need to be organised in all states supported by other trade unionists and socialists. Leaflets must be produced to explain the reasons for the strikes and speakers must be sent out to address other trade union meetings.

Victory for JUSUN strikers!! Victory for PASAN strikers!! A victory for one is a victory for all!


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